Environmental posterity is an important part of Kutima Ranch’s foundation. The ranch is located in an area rich in wildlife species and has managed to strike a healthy balance between maintaining a profitable livestock business and preserving the ecosystem of the area. 

To ensure the sustenance of its balance with livestock, Kutima and Choke Ranches have partnered to establish a conservancy. The 25,000-acre conservancy, known as Choke Conservancy, will partner with the Kenya Wildlife Service to protect and preserve the natural fauna of the neighbouring parks which are a habitat for the Big Five.

REDD+ Carbon Project

The conservation of the forests around Taita-Taveta has been core to the ranch’s foundation in the community. Kutima Ranch has been actively involved in a REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) Carbon Project in Kenya; a United Nations initiative aimed at mitigating the loss and destruction of the world’s forests. Through a partnership with world renowned Wildlife Works, Kutima Ranch’s REDD+ initiative has received validation from the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB), as well as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). 

Kutima Ranch committed to a 20-year REDD+ Carbon project which provides monetary benefits to the local and neighbouring communities . A section of the proceeds from the carbon credits are reinvested back into the community through projects, financing small businesses and job creation which aid reducing the poverty levels affecting the region